Monday, January 02, 2012

Whispers from my soul...

If I will get the chance to know you, I will tell you how lovely my life have become because of your brother.

How life was been great amidst adversities.

That God puts a light to shed both of us to understand our differences.

I will be proud of what you will become, for such success are delivered to those who perseveres.

I want to send your mom a birthday greeting as he treated my mom with respect and with such smiles my mom can share.

I want to tell your dad how happy he was, whenever they speak on the phone and discuss such tone of proud.

These were the thoughts that I want to share with you, and even in such words I will continue doing so, even if you haven't met me.

I will protect, what you have protected for long, I will care and most of all I will love whom you love that dear.

~ i will love you with all of my heart, my love, my light, my armor, my embrace~

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